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Yoga Mat Acupressure - Relieve Body Pain

Yoga Mat Acupressure - Relieve Body Pain

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Through the acupressure method, the blood in the body can be unobstructed, which can relieve stress, pain, muscle tension and increase blood circulation.

It helps relieve back pain, tension, stiffness, insomnia, fatigue. Improves sleep quality. Activates the nervous system, allowing you to relax deeply.

Lightweight and portable for easy storage and travel.

  • Reduce muscle tension in back, neck, shoulders;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Increase energy levels;
  • Deepen sense of relaxation;
  • Improve sleep quality.
What is an acupressure mat?
  • An acupressure mat is like a cushioned yoga mat with lots of pointed spikes embedded on its surface.
  • These acupressure points can effectively needle the skin; stimulate acupuncture points in your body for the release of endorphins and oxytocin resulting in a calm relaxed feeling.
  • It also promotes blood circulation, increases oxygen uptake, and boosts your energy.
How to use it?
  • Most people lie on the mat, either on the back, or on the side.
  • If you find the spikes sharp and uncomfortable in the beginning, you can use a thin fabric between you and the mat.
  • The goal is to rest directly on the mat.
  • You may feel a burning sensation, your blood pulsates and your body warms up.
  • The first 10-15 minutes you may feel you are more alert instead of relaxed. It is ok as your body is adjusting to the spikes.
  • Try your best to make your body relaxed and soon your tension will ease.
  • Some people even fall asleep on the mat and that is heaven for people suffering frominsomnia.
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